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Score (1973)

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Stone Cold Crazy: A Very Candid Conversation with Lynn Lowry

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Score (1974)

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  • First, it is a big budgeted remake of a film that was made on a shoestring budget in the '70s.

  • I also did a film with Michael S.

  • I think he got some really nice footage, so it was a very good experience working with him.

Lynn Lowry: Age, Wiki, Biography

How did you become involved with this project? Although, it almost did happen because I was actually cast in The Last Embrace, but, Roy Scheider, at the last minute decided he wanted his girlfriend to do the part.

  • What was it like portraying this role? Like Virginia Woolf , the story is about two couples who entertain the idea of switching partners.

  • Working with Richard Liberty, he was so great because he was such a good actor and so supportive and all of our scenes were, or almost all of them were, together, so we had to really roll it back to a very believable relationship between the two of us.

  • When it comes to our naive newlyweds, Eddie is clearly a closeted homosexual and Betsy undoubtedly wants to be more than friends with Elvira while still maintaining an interest for the men in her life.