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As a stock actress for 's production company , she appeared as several different characters in a few shows like and.

  • This tendency runs in the D'Arcy family, as Jefferson's father also worked as a gigolo, and his mother worked as an exotic dancer before she was eaten by her snake at an airport.

  • He is easily the most financially scheming character of the show—even more than the Bundys.

  • Steve later divorced Marcy in February 1990, leaving her to languish for the rest of season four and the first half of season five as a desperate single, prone to depression and one-night stands.

Brooke Bundy

Hide Hide Show Show Producer 2 credits.

  • This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily style.

  • Though she and Marcy are close friends, Peggy will often lie, betray and humiliate Marcy without hesitation in order to gain something.

  • But many dealerships are not thrilled about the prospect of a customer taking an inventory vehicle off the lot by.