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WWE Divas

Back in 1989, Hogan and Miss Elizabeth were put in storylines where they had more screen time and Hogan even carried a passed out Elizabeth backstage to protect her.

  • Sytch remained in jail on these charges through her arraignment in January 2017.

  • Wrestling's Sinking Ship: What Happens to an Industry Without Competition p.

  • At our events I had always tried to create a nice family atmosphere while I was there and I had always tried to encourage people.

Sonny Kiss

When Savageā€”who had formed an alliance with Hoganā€”turned on Hogan in early 1989, Miss Elizabeth was a major factor, and she eventually sided with Hogan.

  • On the March 12 episode of , Lee successfully defended the Divas Championship against Natalya, in a match that lasted fourteen minutesā€”the longest women's championship match since 1987.

  • Firstly they thought that this was just an impracticable and too expensive strange fantasy of mine.

  • Candido later dropped the title, which marked the end of the couples run with the company.